New: Light Guide Working with Flash Photography app

After weeks of work it is finally finished, my newest app "Light Guide Working with Flash Photography". In this app I will teach you all the basics you need to learn about working with flash photography!


In the first chapters I teach you the five basic variables you need to know for flash photography. The chapters after that will discuss all the basic gear you need and don't need. After that it is practical time! I have added photo's made with all kinds of light modifiers and a description about what I used and the settings. 

Use this app as a guide to working with flash, it will show you all the door you can take. When starting with flash keep it simple. Start with one light and use it all the ways you can .All the photo's in this app are made with only one flash/strobe. Until the January 19th it will be available for the introduction price on €0,99 after that it will be €1,99. Get it now in the App Store

Please leave a note if you bought it and let me know if you like it!