Review: Pipeline Reporter kit

During my visit at the IBC (read my IBC blog HERE) spotted the Pipeline Reporterkit made by the Danish company Brother, Brother and Son. At forst sight I looked like a great product for portrait and product photography. The kit is officially designed for reporters who need a small light kit to lit themselves quick and easily. And for that job it works great! I really think it is a great product voor CamJo, vloggers and other people who have to create video's everywhere. 

The Pipeline Reporter Kit

The kit includes 2 small pipe light. Due the phosphor panels you get nice and even light from the two bars. On the back is a small knob to control the power output. You can also change the White balance by chancing the phosphor light bars.  There are also two small stand to put the lights on and the adapter and cabling.


As you might have noticed in the intro there is a great but. But this but is mainly for photography. I was hoping to use this kit a nice light for a kind of Martin Schoeller looking portraits (for more about Martin click HERE) or for product photography. But and now really comes the but! They don't have enough power to really lit somebody when there is normal daylight or TL light. For shooting people and products I had to use longer shutter times, higher ISO of aperture. Which also let a lot of environmental light in. In dark environments I will probably work better. But I mainly have to work during office our and in offices, so for my personal taste it isn't THE product I would like it to be. It are not poor mans Kinolights. 

For video the light give enough light to lit up some body enough, but for photo's I want to have control and better quality. 

Here are some test shots. There is a shot with and with out the kit on full power. 


In my opinion this kit is great for traveling reporters who need a simple lighting setup for every where they might go. For photography I am not so pleased with it as I thought I would be.